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Drive Me Crazy Janna Lee Hayes

Drive Me Crazy

Janna Lee Hayes

Published April 4th 2008
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Race track owner, Alyssa Palmer has loved Newt Rodgers since they were in junior high, but being the local dirt-track race car driver, he has beautiful women standing in line to jumpstart his engine. An almost episode in the ladies room at Trudys bar only makes Alyssa that much more aware of him. Newt cant forget the night he had Alyssa Palmer--his best friends sister for Petes sake--up against the stall wall ... or the lacy red underwear he nearly got past before they were interrupted. Who knew the grease-stained tomboy hed worked alongside in the pits would be hiding such treasures? But he was more than ready to find out what else was under her hood. Newts chances to take the checkered flag with Alyssa are threatened when a corporate backer wearing high heels and a tight skirt offers to sponsor him in the big time. Hed be a fool to turn down the opportunity, and Alyssa knows she cant compete--not with the elegant beauty or her money. Can she stand by while he races toward his dream of fame and fortune, or will she finally put the pedal to the metal and make a move of her own?