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James Joyce Richard Ellmann

James Joyce

Richard Ellmann

Published 1959
784 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Although several biographers have thrown themselves into the breach since this magisterial book first appeared in 1959, none have come close to matching the late Richard Ellmanns achievement. To be fair, Ellmann does have some distinct advantages. For starters, theres his deep mastery of the Irish milieu--demonstrated not only in this volume but in his books on Yeats and Wilde. Hes also an admirable stylist himself--graceful, witty, and happily unintimidated by his brilliant subjects. But in addition, Ellmann seems to have an uncanny grasp on Joyces personality: his reverence for the Irishmans literary accomplishment is always balanced by a kind of bemused affection for his faults. Whether Joyce is putting the finishing touches on Ulysses, falling down drunk in the streets of Trieste, or talking dirty to his future wife via the postal service, Ellmanns account always shows us a genius and a human being--a daunting enough task for a fiction writer, let alone the poor, fact-fettered biographer.